Three Vane Actuation in the Asp rocket engine exhaust has demonstrated pitch, yaw and roll control.

Welcome to the Frontier

Welcome to Frontier Astronautics, LLC. Here at Frontier, we're dedicated to providing hard-to-get technology and services to the burgeoning entrepreneurial space industry. We specialize in affordable and reliable rocket engines and attitude control systems. We also provide custom design and testing services for customer's rocket engines or flight vehicles. And, in cooperation with X-L Space, we provide propellant-grade hydrogen peroxide. We have the expertise, products, infrastructure, and facilities to (literally) get your project off the ground.

Here are some ways we can help you:
  • We design, build and test affordable, reusable rocket engine technology.
  • Our facilities reside in a retired Atlas-E missile silo in rural Wyoming, providing workspace and testing facilities for your project.
  • We have in-house engineering experience on control and guidance systems.
  • Along with X-L Space, we produce and sell rocket-grade hydrogen peroxide in almost any quantity.
Browse our Products & Services for more details on what we provide.

Our retired Atlas-E missile silo facilities
Our retired Atlas-E missle silo facilities
A test run of our Frontier Astronautics<br/>Viper LOX/Kerosene Rocket Engine
A test run of our Frontier Astronautics
Viper LOX/Kerosene Rocket Engine